Amberly Hindler

Business Development Manager for Dave Hindler

Amberly joined HCR in 2015 and has assisted Dave Hindler for over a decade. Together they have aided hundreds of clients in achieving their retirement and life goals. She supports Dave Hindler and his clients as they go through life’s many vicissitudes, i.e. widowhood, business acquisitions, divorce, and more. 

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. - Winston Churchill

Important Career Moment

I was incredibly sad when my favorite and very sweetest client passed away. She was with us for decades and always had the cheeriest disposition. You couldn’t help but smile when she was in the room. She has many descendants and we’re so honored to be helping them continue to grow the money she so generously set aside for each of them. She told us she wouldn’t have it any other way and her relatives robustly agreed. We’re glad to be of service to this wonderful family.

Awards & Causes

Causes: Volunteer at West Los Angeles Animal Shelter for 5 years as a large breed dog specialists, Animal welfare and rescue advocate
Awards: Graduated with Honors from the University of Southern California; Recipient of a Gold Circle Award for Journalists from Columbia University’s Scholastic Press Association

Arts & Entertainment

Anything about science or space, I love learning new things about our world and universe!

Life Moments

Hiking and long walks with our dog, Delilah

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