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Financial security for your family and loved ones is paramount. Understanding how to manage and grow wealth during your lifetime is complicated enough, but when you consider the idea of preserving that wealth, the complexity increases further. Safeguarding your assets for current and future generations is a time-consuming process that requires countless considerations.

At HCR, we work with high-net worth families looking to fortify their finances and ensure their assets are maintained and protected for the long-term. We are here to preserve your legacy.

Ensure your children are set up to succeed in both school and life with tax-advantaged savings accounts for education that help maintain college funding goals

Properly allocate contributions to maximize financial effectiveness and ensure all stakeholders are receiving proportional benefits

We are here to simplify your family’s financial life by ensuring you stay on budget through objective analysis and a deep commitment to serving your best financial interests

You are building a family legacy and want to ensure your estate is well-organized and protected. Our team is here to make sure that happens with professional and structured advice

Transitioning wealth is complicated, our advisors understand the technical demands and the family dynamics involved, and have the knowledge and resources to ensure a smooth transition

Protect your assets and estate by making sure your beneficiaries and heirs understand financial basics. We are here to educate and empower all generations to make the most out of their financial lives


“My investment goals are simple: when the market is up, I'd like to be up. When the market is down, I'd like to be less down, and recover faster. HCR has consistently delivered the investment performance to achieve this objective. And they're really nice, too.

Everyone I’ve worked with at HCR has been extremely helpful, responsive, and especially kind in the difficult months following the death of my father. As an Executor and Trustee for the first time, I faced a series of legal and financial issues, which HCR guided me through with sound advice, clear thinking, and positive attitudes. My calls and emails were returned almost immediately. I was able to resolve the estate and satisfy all beneficiaries, in less time than expected, thanks to my financial advisors at HCR.”

- Jeff Iorillo, HCR Client since 2007

“Thanks to our work with HCR, our whole relationship with money and wealth has changed. We can now see the big picture as well as the details of income, expenses, risk, and retirement goals. Our advisors at HCR have helped us figure out how to pivot to new strategies and goals when life threw us curveballs – through health changes, family changes, layoffs, promotions, recessions, etc., HCR has always been there to help.

We had a very difficult situation involving a health problem in combination with problems with my career – caused by the health problem. There were a few years where we had to radically change our whole approach to managing money, and retirement was looking increasingly far away. The folks at HCR never blinked. They sat with us for several planning, calculating, and forecasting sessions, discussing how to get our retirement goals back on track. The plan had to change a few times because of my work and health situation, but each time they were happy to start over and rework the plan. All that is behind us now, and I'm very happy with the invaluable work they did for us, and the guidance provided during that time.

Besides the fact that they've expertly guided us through the last few downturns and economic crises, and besides the fact that they've grown our wealth consistently, the most valuable thing they've done is to guide us on all the in between and peripheral stuff having to do with money.

HCR is willing to work with the entirety of our money situation, often advising us on things that matter a lot to us, but which have nothing to do with the markets – even for little stuff like buying vs. leasing a car, if taking the lower paying job for a couple of years to position my career is best, if a remodel is a bad idea right now, etc. They are so patient, and their answers take into consideration our unique circumstances in combination with whatever is going on in the markets. They take a truly wholistic approach to managing our wealth.

Throughout all the scary market crashes and economic disasters, HCR has always had what I'll call an infectious calm and clarity for what to do and what not to do. It always feels like they're way ahead of the crisis and did the hard work figuring things out long before the headlines, and like they're now just watching and executing like real pros. It is extremely comforting to have a team like HCR guiding and supporting us.”

- LGS, HCR Client since 2006

“One of the best things to come out of working with HCR has been the peace of mind in knowing that I have a group of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals who I can trust guiding and advising me so that I am able to attain my financial goals.

Everyone who works at HCR is outstanding – they are all truly committed to the financial success of all their clients. They’re commitment to customer service is unparalleled and they have a unique ability to immediately put people at ease. They share their expertise in a generous and down to earth manner. They also do not pressure potential clients. I know anyone I would refer to them would be in good hands.

HCR developed a viable strategy designed for and with me to ensure that my financial future is as secure as possible. They met me where I was and walked me through each step of the way. They analyzed every detail thoroughly and presented me with various options designed specifically for me. They made sure that I always understood each and every idea, proposal, or recommendation. Their clarity allows me to make more educated and informed decisions about my financial future. Working with them has really helped to reduce the amount of stress and uncertainty that I had prior to our association.”

- M. Edwards, HCR Client since 2015

The comments on this page were given voluntarily by current clients. No compensation was given in exchange for their comments. HCR Wealth Advisors is not aware of any material conflicts of interest between these clients and the firm.

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