Financial advice for professional athletes

At HCR, our competitive nature and endless drive to ensure those we serve always have the advantage are key characteristics we share with one of our key client segments: athletes.

We provide comprehensive financial management for every stage in life, develop tailored investment plans, and offer access to a large network of resources to truly capitalize on that path to success.

HCR does this through personalized service that factors in the individual needs and long-term goals.

We help find ways to make the most of a good situation, helping identify supplemental income opportunities, increasing net worth, community presence, and reputation

Our advisors know how to put money to work in altruistic ways. Our knowledge of charitable giving and philanthropic opportunities is extensive, and we’ll make sure to keep your finances well-diversified while helping you give back

Large incomes require creative ideas around taxation. We not only provide tax advice, we utilize our strategic partners to ensure you have access to top CPAs for more in-depth considerations

We’re here as a resource, confidant and teacher on various financial subjects, ensuring that you and your inner circle stay financial responsible

There’s a long life ahead after your playing days. We’re here to create a portfolio that sets you up for the long-term, while making the transition to life after sports as seamless as possible. Our goal is to ensure that you can enjoy the next stage without financial concerns


“HCR goes above and beyond to provide me with the clarity I need in all of my life transitions. They always educate me and walk me through every step of the way. In addition to never having to worry about my finances, HCR truly makes me feel like family whenever we speak or I go into the office. HCR has saved me so much stress and alleviated so many concerns in my financial life.

I have benefitted in many ways by working with HCR. They always educate me on how to build and manage my portfolio, as well as on the markets – both the stock market and real estate. In addition, they are always there for me to consult with on any significant decision I’ve had to make, whether it’s buying a car or a house or an investment property… or even when I needed a new passport. They do it all.

The reason I would recommend HCR to a friend is very simple: If you don’t want to worry about the future of your finances, work with HCR. I hear many colleagues share horror stories of working with other advisors – I never have to worry that I will have one. HCR makes me feel like they care about my money as if it was their own, and for that, I am forever grateful.”

- Hroniss Grasu, NFL Center, HCR Client since 2016

The comments on this page were given voluntarily by current clients. No compensation was given in exchange for their comments. HCR Wealth Advisors is not aware of any material conflicts of interest between these clients and the firm.

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