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Our team of Certified Financial Planners (CFP®) and advisors are dedicated to creating financial plans that go beyond simple return on investment. We believe that strategic financial planning is the cornerstone of every one of our relationships. Our Clarity Formula® process encompasses all the steps our clients will encounter on their financial journey. There are many benefits that come from having a process around achieving financial independence. The most important benefits are:

1) We never lose sight of what matters to our clients. Every client is unique but there are commonalities as to why their financial independence matters:

Family - we understand what matters to our clients with respect to the people who are most important to them in their lives.

Occupation - we learn what matters to our clients when it comes to their occupational pursuits.

Recreation - we recognize what matters to our clients when it comes to their recreational interests.

2) We never lose sight of what we can control.

That’s why our top financial planners provide a smart, holistic, long-term plan tailored to meet each client’s unique needs. And, that means cash planning and money management for all the significant expenses each plan entails. Taking into account each client’s every financial detail including income, expenses, tax ramifications and estate planning, our CFP® professionals offer a comprehensive plan coupled with valuable financial advice and discipline to bring your wealth into focus and help it grow.

We don’t believe that it is possible to create an appropriate investment allocation without first understanding what is most important to our clients and prospective clients. Every situation is unique and we try to utilize a comprehensive approach.

Financial Planning Questions

● What is most important to you?
● What are you trying to accomplish?
● What are you trying to protect?
● What are your financial goals?
● Do you want to contribute to a charity or charities?
● Are you taking the appropriate amount of risk in your investment allocation?
● Do you have a bucket list that you’ve been putting off?
● When do you want to retire?
● How do you want to retire?
● Are you saving enough for your retirement?

These are just a few of the typical questions we help our clients try to answer as we work towards a better understanding of what financial independence means to them. After going through an extensive data gathering process, we get a more complete understanding of your financial life.

Our Holistic
Planning Approach


There are many things out in the world that we have no control over on a day-to-day basis. We focus on what we can control, with attention on these three things:


P – Philosophy. Our philosophy around financial independence is built on the idea that we want to consider and incorporate every way a dollar touches your life into our plan and the recommendations we make. We believe this is absolutely fundamental to providing the best financial advisory services for the people we work with.


P – Planning Strategy. Every client is unique. There are no two clients who are exactly alike. That being said, there are three components to our planning strategy:


•Discovery- We want to know exactly where our clients are at currently, how they got there and where they see themselves in the future.


•Design- We design a planning strategy specific to our clients.


•Deploy- We then deploy the planning strategy.


P – Process. Once we deploy the financial planning strategy, we stick with the process. As our clients’ lives unfold and their needs evolve, our process takes us back to what MATTERS and what we can CONTROL in order to guide us going forward.


Financial freedom plan

We strive to work in conjunction with our clients’ other professionals as well in order to create a team environment where all of your financial relationships are working towards a common goal. This may involve working with your estate attorney to make sure that your accounts are held in the name of your trust if that is appropriate and working with your CPA to make sure we take advantage of tax projections throughout the year. We find that our clients are empowered by this process. They gain clarity and perspective which helps them to be better decision makers for themselves and the people who they care most about going forward.


Certified personal financial planner for individuals and business owners

Our comprehensive financial planning approach allows us to help you create a roadmap for your financial life, one that takes important moments into account, both good and bad, to ensure that you feel protected, confident, and in control.

Holistic Planning Approach

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